Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let the Rain Cleanse You

Why is it that when it rains we tend to want to get in bed, under the covers and sleep the day away?  Could it be that mother nature is letting us know that just as she's cleansing the Earth so must we be cleansed.  Rest and sleep is the best remedy that can take care of it. We know healthy foods and good exercise also have their say.  But think of it... what is it that physicians say when we're not feeling well?  Take your medication and get a good rest!

The daily agendas, the pressures in life and the unwanted stress are just a few things that overwhelm our souls.  So on a day like today, let the rain wash away the things that weigh down on your heart.  Let go of the baggage, take off the raincoat, and sleep the day away.  And tomorrow when the sun shines again, you'll be a little stronger to tackle the agendas, pressures and stress once more.  Keep in mind to take a breather every now and then... and don't forget to thank God for another day of strength.

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