Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Lesson from Spider

For a few weeks now, I've been keeping a close eye on a small spider that builds her home outside on the porch. It uses the plants that are hanging above the railing to construct her home, connecting her web from one plant to the other. I noticed her the more when my younger brother and his wife watched as she weaved her web one night.

Spider is brilliant and all so very patient. The heavy rains and loud wind have knocked down her beautiful home many times, but she continues to rebuild it. I'm learning a valuable lesson from Spider and her untouchable patience.

Hurricane Earl hit this week and it brought with it storms of rain and furious winds, though it didn't do too much damage. I'm getting used to the rain. It seems it rains even in my dreams.

I enjoy Puerto Rico. My heart feels less heavy here, besides it's nice to be on an island that keeps well-guarded the secret of the Rain dancing around the Sun.

Hurricane Earl came close- the next morning there were branches everywhere; the trees were wet and droopy. The winds blew the tarp above the aluminum table into the bushes of the garden. The dogs barked through the night, a little more than usual. But their bark was also blown with the wind.

It was a rough night, not only for the animals in the barn but for me, as well. Amazingly, indoors was very quiet. The electricity was out. And in the silence of the night, I could hear a mosquito flying around in my room; at least I thought it was a mosquito. One can never tell with so many little critters that roam the night, including spiders. But I've especially grown fond of this spider.

A few days later, after the hurricane passed, I remembered Spider. I thought for sure she and her home were washed away with the storm. But I was wrong. I don't know where she hid or how she survived, but I do know one thing, she was still alive.

I had just stepped outside to welcome the evening splendor. The sky wore a stunning pink and blue dress. It was absolutely breath-taking. As I sipped my afternoon coffee, my eyes scanned the green of the mountain tops in all their glory, when I saw her- my tiny Spider, my inspiration, my little hope.

As fragile as she seems, Spider has taught me a most needed lesson in life. She's small but tough and hard-working. She never gives up or loses hope, even when storms and hurricanes hit and destroy her home. She hides when she needs to take cover, but faces the day after the storm. She pursues her dream of having a good home, even if she has to rebuild it over and over again. And when she does rebuild, Spider builds it even bigger than the last. Once she's done, it's no longer a house but a mansion. I watched her weaving her web endlessly and never stopped until she was completely finished. Wow! Now that's an impressive lesson.

I should walk with Spider more often, be more like her, keep rebuilding again and again when the storms of life tear down my home and wash it away. I should hold onto my faith, hide when I need to take cover and face the day after the storm. My next home will surely be bigger than the last, God willing.

© 2010 Ellie Kings
Excerpt from my Journal

Art 'Spider Fairy' by the talented Ria Spencer. Please visit her blog to see more amazing paintings.
 Ria's Fine Art Studio


dianne said...

I am happy to read that your determined and resourceful little Spider has given you the inspiration to try again and keep rebuilding your home, your life, even when you think everything is lost.
I think we could all learn something from your little Spider about weathering life's storms and survivng the hurt that they bring with them ... including myself.
God bless you Ellie ...

Love, Dianne xoxo ♡

Tabitha Bird said...

Oh! I love Spider. I want to be like Spider too. And Ellie, you are already like Spider. Look at you girl. Here you are back writing and being real and letting us all in on the journey. THAT is very Spider like :))

Matthew said...

Your story has given me hope in my healing today, thank you. Perhaps you have a spider totem :)

~Ellie Kings~ said...

Matthew- thank you so much for that link, very insightful. It sure looks like I have a spider totem :)

Girl in My Own World said...

Oh Ellie! I am so so glad that you are back and I was just thinking about you yesterday!!! This post really spoke to me in a deep and meaningful way and I find it to be really so beautiful! I am learning that we have to be like the spiders in life... constantly building even when there are storms that makes us feel as though we may never recover. In time you will build a big mansion and you will dance and be so happy once again! I LOve you girl and once again am so glad that you have returned! :o)

Laura Pauling said...

I can't say I love spiders b/c we have whole colonies that make webs on our porch every spring. But, they do have tenacity. Their web gets destroyed and they start over, right away. Thanks for the follow!

Maria I. Morgan said...

What a lesson! Thinking of Spider made me remember a Proverb. "The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings' palaces," (Proverbs 30:28). She's very determined and fearless, and is even able to spin her home in the king's palace! How encouraging! God bless you, my friend!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Exceptional post, Ellie! It sounds like you are begining to heal... (((hug)))

Holly_D said...


This story brought tears to my eyes. How precious and preservering that little spider is. Thank you for sharing this. Truly remarkable and inspiring. Be well my friend.

Christine said...

Oh Ellie, you ARE the spider!! So glad you're back and look forward to reading your musings. One foot in front of the other.... You'll get there.

Lesley said...

Beautiful. Keep watching for glimpses of hope and strength. They are all around you.

Bless you, little Spider. Glad you're coming back. Take your time.

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

What a great lesson. Little spider has a lot to teach all of us.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I was uplifted by your story of Spider and her quiet determination and persistence.

I had a small spider make her home in the far corner of my kitchen sink. I am part Lakota Sioux, and a part of me went out to the little thing.

I'm a bachelor and eat on paper plates. The sink is hardly used. And I used it not at all for long months as Charlotte spun her web and lived calmly and sedately.

She lived there a year, and then one morning was gone. Her spirit I like to think stayed. Your story awakened it this evening. Thank you, Roland

Steve E said...

At risk of not being believed...I have unscientifically studied ants for many years. Friends would scoff at my seriousness, as I marveled over the unity, the camaraderie, the seeming enthusiastic industriousness of those little--to me--Peeps.

Nature is what keeps my belief and trust in a Higher Power intact. And gratitude is the cement which holds it all together for me. (It IS all about me, you know! --grin!)

I write again, "Blessings" an amazing person, with much to give the world through her suffering, loss, and willingness to share.


Curious: How did you know that ant was a 'girl'? It was not spelled "AUNT"....(Sorry, the devil made me do it!)

~Ellie Kings~ said...

Welcome new friends. I hope you enjoy the ride with me as I focus on healing.
Steve E- I knew Ant was a girl because girls are smarter than boys :)

Steve E said...

TOO-SHAY (I knew that--grin!)