Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Prayer at 3

At three in the morning, I'm awake while the rest of the world sleeps.  And at this hour, I  think not of myself but of others; others who might also be awake with me, who might need a prayer at 3.
  • The woman on her way home from a long night out...struggling to get the key in her car, and  suddenly is raped by the faceless man
  • The child that's locked in his closet trying not to hear his parents' screams again... more bruises than words
  • The father sneaking into his little girl's bedroom not to kiss her goodnight but to take advantage of her sweet innocence
  • The reformed alcoholic that's desparately trying not to have that 'one' drink
  • The brave soldiers that are attacked at night by yet another devious enemy
  • The country that sleeps through another night, not of a sudden economy crash, but of a ten decade famine 
These are some of the ugly stories of our wicked world, not only at 3am but at any given time.  The truths that we somehow deny or sweep under the rug, or hide in the skeleton closet.  These are the little things that no one dare speak of.  These are the cares of the world, but not of our world.  No... our world is perfect... filled with empty promises, misguided dillusions, and white lies...  the smile-painted faces we show our neighbors, the blind eyes that show no sign of remorse.

I invite you to share a moment of prayer for those who have a more distressed life than our own.  We are in the end (rather beginning) brothers and sisters.  So when you can't sleep at night and wonder about your own life and your own troubles, do yourself a favor, think of someone else's troubles and intercede for them with just a simple prayer of love.

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clerykings said...

This made me really think about all those in need. Great post!