Sunday, August 1, 2010

Love's Death

sometimes it's hard to breathe
why can't i just break free?
be all alone and cry
'till the last tear has dried
until my heart feels less heavy
'till my chest doesn't hurt
until the waters have washed
the fear of being cursed
... of never being happy
of losing all my hope
of needing and not having
of loving and what for?

i know God isn't cruel
but this feels cruel to me 
maybe it's a joke 
and the joke is on me
Love's death is surreal
he isn't going to return
he's really gone forever
and forever seems too long
Love forgot to say goodbye
as I remain waiting
he went missing through the night
and i didn't even know it

wasn't he among friends?
who was his enemy?
who swiped his life away
and caved a hole this deep
Love took his last breath
as he lay there bleeding
and written in his blood
was the love of God and me
you're free, my sweet Love
don't worry about me
God will sit by my bed 
until i've fallen asleep

until i've stopped humming our song
'till i've stepped into my dreams
when you're alive again
when you're alive with me
where your death is the dream
and the dream is what's real
when you're no longer asleep
and your heartbeat i hear
let me stay here, sweet Love
for a little while longer
let me sing to you again
and hold you in my arms

show you that i love you
see your eyes once more
tell you that i've missed you
that your death is all wrong
...come back... don't leave
i can't wake up now
to the light and the truth 
that my Love is truly gone
let me stay here in your world
where the wind blows free
in our garden of white roses
let's relive our memories

by Ellie Kings
copyright May 2010
art by Allyson Ricketts