Thursday, September 24, 2009

Launch Out

Sometimes you plan out your life with schedules and deadlines; twenty years later, you realize you haven’t accomplished what you once set out to do. You don’t have the education, life partner, or family. Somehow you lost your way; you’re deep in debt and have no one to blame but yourself. The dreams that once fueled you to thrive have died and today you’re left with sorrow, remorse, and the endless could’ve-should’ve battles within. The truth of the matter is you cannot regain what’s been lost. Stop dwelling on things that you can not change. Life must go on and the past is sinking in the sea of forgetfulness. Launch out into deep waters, but not to get back the past you want to relive, but to reflect on the waters and see who you are today.

Today those deep wounds must heal so that your future is not centered on past deadlines in your life. Time waits for no man, but the opposite should also be true. Man does not wait for time. Stop wasting precious time and launch out today; go for your dreams now or before you know it, you might miss the moment once more.

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