Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To Conquer Somewhere Else

my tongue is tied, I cannot speak
but if I could, I'd surely scream
out to the four winds... why?
why did you take him from my life?
before I got the chance to say
all my heart needed to say
that nothing else mattered more
than the love we had for each other

I didn't get to say goodbye
that word wasn't alive in our lives
I wonder did I show him love
did he know where my heart belong
did he know he didn't have to buy my heart
I'd hand it over free of charge
carefully, I'd cut it out
and tell him, "Love, here's my heart"
knowing him, he'd ask "why me?"
because he's the one God chose for me
because his flaws my eyes didn't see
for in them love runs wild and free

I'd tell him, I love you more
just the way you truly are
full of unconditional love
going the distance for my hugs
taking snapshots of my smiles
traveling the extra mile

I learned much from his walk
he taught me to stand strong and tall
he said, "get back up when you fall"
he said, "forgiveness tears down walls"
he was a soldier all the way
his armor tailored by God's hands
He took him home on that day
so he could conquer somewhere else

© 2010 Ellie Kings
Art by Jeff Haynie


Jenny Stevning said...

Lovely writing. Still sending you healing love...and again...it is great to have you back in the blog world!

Noelle said...

May you heal through your precious words. You are a gentle, loving soul and you shall persevere dear one.

Tamika: said...

I am so thankful that you are finding the words to write and give a voice to the healing process.


Your writing gives me chills, your words are haunting and beautiful.

I'm so happy to see you writing, Ellie.

dianne said...

Ellie dear that is so beautiful, I hope by writing down these words and feelings that it helps you heal ... helps you externalise the hurt that you are feeling so that one day you will feel at peace.

Love, Dianne. xoxoxo

Craftsman of light said...

May each day connect you to your deeper self....we are the part of the whole, let every breath you breathe breathe Love!

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

Sad but beautiful, Ellie!
Healing process sure is hard but always there is light and peace at the end of the tunnel.

Love this poem, your talent astounds

Have a good weekend!


B xx

Maria I. Morgan said...

So good to see you pouring your heart out before the Lord. Reminds me of the Psalms, where the Psalmists poured out their innermost feelings - and came back to the realization that God was for them, and still had a plan. Your plan may look different than it did, but I know our Heavenly Father has a wonderful plan for you and He will walk with you one step at a time! Keep writing and let Him comfort you! God bless!

Donna B said...

Let it out...let out all the anger. He was taken way too soon.
Hugs to you dear Ellie...

Nelson Souzza said...

The blog is very good!

Nelson Souzza said...

Hello my friend, thank you very much for your kind visit in Literatura & Linguagens (http://nelsonsouzza.blogspot.com). I appreciate getting your feedback (come again)! Regard from your friend in Rio de Janeiro/ Brasil !

Thisisme. said...

Hi Ellie. I have come over to you from Donna B (Discovering the Purpose of Our Lives), and I hope you don't mind if I follow you. She was right, your poetry is absolutely beautiful. I am so desperately sorry for your loss. It is so hard to lose your soul mate, especially at a young age. Take care.

Anonymous said...


Tammi said...

just wanted to stop by. have you in my thoughts and prayers. these are difficult times. Contrary to what we hear, "Time does NOT heal all wounds." I know. BUT~God, The Great Physician DOES bind up broken hearts. The process of binding takes time. . .and there it is: that simple, yet profound word: "Time." For now, you may be feeling that
T This
I Is
M My
E Eternity

HOWEVER: THIS, where you are right now, is NOT your eternity. It too will pass. I am praying for our Great Comforter to Bind up your broken heart, heal your broken wings, and breathe new hope into your heart. . .and let you fly!
Until He does, my friend, rest and trust in a Sovereign God Who has promised to turn all the negative into positive, for your good and His glory, if only you'll rest and trust and allow Him the chance.

Love and prayers, from a once shattered heart healed by the Great Physician,

. said...

Hey,, I came by to visit you via a friend and fellow blogger. My name is Karen, co~author of http://heartofthehome-blog.blogspot.com/ and I wanted to swing by and introduce ourselves ..We have meet so many wonderful christian woman via the blogging world.. Hope you can swing by a visit us some time soon.. I enjoyed your post, and look forward to becoming Blogging Buddies as well.. Have a great and blessed day..