Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Girl who Lost Her Voice

there once was a little girl who lost her voice...

she searched for it in the oceans
she searched for it in the rivers
she searched above mountains
and through low valleys
but she couldn't find her voice
the little girl was lost in the forest of despair
and went searching for help
she spoke with a man and asked if he had seen her voice
but the man replied, "only you could find it"

she spoke to a woman
then a boy and a girl
but they all replied, "only you could find it"
the little girl walked back home in tears
because she couldn't find her voice
and with every step came a deeper sigh
'if only i could find it, i'd never let it go'
was all she cried

she climbed the stairs, opened the front door
sat on the chair, hands on her face
when she finally wiped her tears
she looked up and saw her voice

it was there,
just where she left it
it had been Home
all along

©2011 Ellie Kings
Art by Morteza Katouzian


Anonymous said...

Great :) How is your novel going?

Jill Kemerer said...

Moving poem. I'm so glad you found your voice and you're back. :)

Jenny Stevning said...

So lovely. Home...with a capital H...Home. (sigh) LOVE!!!!

Susan R. Mills said...


Tamika: said...

Lovely, Ellie! I'm so glad you're back sharing such beautiful writing with us:)


Ellie! Hi! Sorry I took so long to write back! I've been going insane with school. I'm so happy your back I hope your doing well :)

Anonymous said...

This is so true! Only you can find your own voice with the help of God and often times it is at home! Lovely poem! :o)