Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Here I stand at the crossroads
under the pouring rain
what others have forgotten
I remember everyday

The world moves on without me
while I stand in the same place
these crossroads give me hope
to someday see your face

In another skin
in another dream
if just ...
for one more day

If but in a memory
of a love we once shared
let me keep you alive
until I'm nearly there

Until I'm ready
to set you free
even if it hurts
after all... me

Watch you fly away
let you go, wait and see
if you come back to these crossroads
one sunny day ... for me

 © 2011 Ellie Kings
In loving memory of my one true Love
Dec 20th 2009

Digital Photography by Zoe Marlowe


Noelle Dunn.... A Poet in Progress said...

Oh Ellie. My heart breaks for you. This poem is so very beautiful yet heart wrenching. I hope you are healing and finding some peace. Happy Holidays sweet one.

dianne said...

This is a beautiful poem for your one true love, my heart goes out to you dear Ellie, I wish I could turn back time and make everything alright for you.
No-one has forgotten you sweet girl, I think of you often and hope that your heart will soon heal and you can find yourself in a place of peace where there is no hurt or pain any more.
xoxoxo ♡

Thisisme. said...

Those are such beautiful, haunting words dear Ellie. I do pray that you are gradually healing and learning to perhaps smile again as well. Sending hugs your way.

Maria I. Morgan said...

Beautiful, Ellie! What a journey you've been on. Praying for you, my friend. Hugs and God bless!