Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Beating of my Heart

My poor Heart took a hard beating
Out in the winter cold
Surprisingly, he held onto dear life
He lay there bleeding in the wet snow
As I ran to lift him up
I heard him slow his beat
I thought for sure he wouldn't survive
From all the bruises and the hurt

He was rushed to Intensive care
Barely alive, but he survived
Unfortunately, he stayed in a deep sleep

In that coma God softly took his time to heal him
He didn't rush things because he knew my poor Heart needed time
Time to think of every moment he was happy
Time to reflect on all the heartaches he had lived through
Time to consider how far the journey had been
Time to appreciate the Love he had found

While my Heart lay there more than two years
Many thought he would never wake up
But they were wrong

One night when all was quiet
and the nurses were busy making rounds
My Heart slowly opened his eyes
Looking more peaceful than ever
He didn't ask how did he get there
He didn't ask how long he'd been sleeping
He simply asked, 'where is my Love?'

As I sat next to my poor Heart
I held his hand and dried his tears
I said, 'I'm sorry Heart, but Love died'
Confused he looked at me and smiled
'No it didn't; it just left for a little while
My Love will be back soon and I'll be patiently waiting'
I didn't argue with my Heart
After all, who better than him to know Love best

© July 2012 Ellie Kings

Painting: You still Live on in Us by Shawna Erback