Monday, August 29, 2011

If I were a Mother

I'll never be a mother to anyone
I won't get to see the ultrasound photo
I won't get to feel him growing inside
I won't know how it feels
to push him into this world

If I were a mother
I'd love him unconditionally
Knowing that he'll make mistakes
That it wouldn't matter to me
because after all he'd be my child

If I were a mother
I'd teach him the things I learned
I'd teach him to be a gentleman to a lady
I'd teach him to be an honest & faithful man
To know when to let his guard down
and let love in

If I were a mother
I'd know his weaknesses and his strengths
I'd give him security and shelter
I'd let him know that he could run to me
whenever he lost his way

If I were a mother
I'd teach him to be a wonderful man
But I won't be a mother
not to him or to her
They'll be a someone else's child
They'll be someone else's gift

© 2011 Ellie Kings
Art by Nancy Tillman

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just One More Day

There are times when I think back on what I had and wish I could relive those moments again. I think of him walking through the front door, giving me kisses and hugs, making me feel like a queen, as if he worshipped the ground I walked on.

I think of all those mornings I'd wake up and there he was, lying next to me with a smile... quietly tracing my face. I realized then he had watched over me as I slept, making me feel safe. As if all the monsters in my nightmares were fought off with his sweet love.

I wish I could turn back time and extend those seconds with him. Moments that were just for us. The alone moments, the together moments, the sweet nothing moments, the long walk moments, the deep talk moments. All those little, and yet monumental moments that are now priceless. Seconds, minutes, hours... wonderful memories that today I wouldn't trade for a million dollars.

It's amazing how little we cherish those moments when we do have them.

If I could have one day filled with all those precious moments... I'd be happy... even if it was for just -one more day.

© 2011 Ellie Kings
Art by Joey Remmers