Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Colorful World

My world is filling with color all the shades of gray that engulfed my heart. Strength and Courage along with Peace & Joy are becoming my best allies now. I'm coming out of the dark cave to see the sunlight shine on me once more.

I've decided... to Live; to breathe. I really had no choice in the matter. God had other plans for me, just as He has for you. I thank the Lord for the courage to face the unknown future again. Come let us face it together.

Walking out of the dark has taught me to focus my sight on the brighter things of life & let go of things I cannot change. After three and a half years, I've come to the realization it's not my time to die. God hasn't stopped my clock yet. Nor has He stopped yours.

For a long time, I couldn't see in the dark. My heart hardened, grew confused, and couldn't rest. If not for the Lord, I surely would have fainted forever. But GOD! ...

Our Daddy... All powerful, all merciful, encouraging & loving. He never lets us down even when we feel all hope is lost. I am so grateful to Him for breathing life back in me and renewing my mind.

Death is so final, but Life is a gift we should always treasure. Don't allow the death of a loved one drain the life out of your life. It's the last thing our loved ones would've wanted. Be encouraged in knowing we will see them again in the Kingdom of  Heaven.

Thanks again, family and friends for encouraging me & being patient to see Me get back to Me at last.

Come join me, in adding color back in our world. Let us live for God, for ourselves and our families.
© August 2013 Ellie Kings


dianne said...

Ellie dear friend I am so happy to see you writing here again. You have been in the darkness for far too long, it is heartening to see that you have found the strength to come out into the light once more and experience the world and all of its colours. You are a young woman you have so much more to live for, a lifetime ahead of you.
I can only imagine the heartbreak that you have felt, the despair though I do know what it is like to lose people I have dearly loved. There are different depths of grief and I would say that you have experienced the worst.
I hope your life takes a turn for the best now, that your heart has at last found peace and acceptance and you will live a full and happy life.
Love and hugs from your friend Dianne.
xoxoxo ♡

~Ellie Kings~ said...

Hi Dianne! Yes it was a very deep grief. I never imagined it would last that long. I think I sank much deeper than the regular dark ditch. But now, I am at peace and this time it's for good. I've made several vows to God & myself that I must keep. So I have no choice but to "press toward the mark." Thank you always for caring so much. Friends like you have motivated me to continue living. Hugs XoX