Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dear God

Dear God
i have no where to hide
no where to run
but inside
the palm of your hand
the only place i feel safe
where the world is quiet
where each breath i take
is exhaled  by you

i feel lost
and i wanted to tell you
in case you hadn't noticed
you were probably too busy
to hear your daughter's cry

Dear God
have you left me
today i cannot find you
even though i've tried
come back, be near me
and stay with me awhile
i'm not strong enough, Lord
to face another day
to win another battle
to wear this heavy coat

can you hear me
from the throne you're in
or are you too far away
i just wanted to tell you
i need you more than ever
i can't do this on my own
please don't leave me today
stay with me until tomorrow

© 2011 Ellie Kings
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